JindalConnect Alumni Interview Program

Connecting with Jindal School Comets

One of the most meaningful ways UT Dallas Jindal School alumni can give back is by serving as a mentor to students. The JindalConnect Alumni Interview Program fosters meaningful relationships between the school’s alumni and its students. Students repeatedly say having a mentor is one of the most impactful experiences of their education.

This program starts with a formal interview process that Jindal School undergraduate students are required to do as one of their academic assignments. Mentors answer a series of job-related questions students must ask to complete the career-exploration component of their class. From there, the traditional mentoring role may take place.

For Alumni

The alumni mentoring role is a way that only you, as an alumnus or alumna, can give back to your alma mater. You can do as much as your schedule allows after the initial Alumni Interview Program component is complete. You can do anything from sending an encouraging text message once a week to exchanging emails or phone calls or even face-to-face time over coffee. The pace and amount of interaction is up to you.

For Students

You have exclusive access to JSOM’s robust global network of alumni who are eager and willing to share their wisdom and advice about life beyond UT Dallas. Alumni indicate on their JindalConnect profile if they are willing to serve as a mentor.

The JindalConnect mentoring program is a special opportunity for you to get to know and learn from an alumnus/alumna. As a participant, you’ll have a chance to request a mentor to assist you with academic guidance, career advice and personal development.

Important Dates

Oct. 23: Deadline for alumni to confirm student request(s) for mentorship

If you miss a deadline or have questions, contact [email protected]